Bringing the Mind into the Body

How does your yoga practice work with your mind?

Different approaches to asana take hold of the mind in different ways:

A sweaty, faster-paced practice requires steady focus on the posture, the sequence. It’s about keeping your eye on the ball.

A softer, gentler approach to asana encourages mindful awareness that welcomes all sensations and thoughts with breath and full presence.

Rhythmic, flowing practice directs the mind to become absorbed in the breath’s flow, sound and pulsation.

Slow, deep, progressive work in asana engages the mind in a process of inner awakening. It invites the mind into a dialogue with the body. Sensing, investigating, observing, reflecting and adjusting turn the attention inward in an ever-deepening inquiry into the dance of movement and resistance, integration and expansion.

One-pointedness of mind (ekagrata) in asana develops in different ways. Ultimately, though, the trajectory of all modes of practice is to lead the mind to the space of inner stillness and into the quiet joy of the heart.