What do you want?

At the beginning of a recent workshop, I asked the group to consider why they had come and what they wanted to get out of our time together. 

Answers ranged from wanting to practice in community to learning how to apply alignment principles in their own bodies to getting help with specific injuries.

This exercise was as much for the students as it was for me. As yoga students, we likely recognize the power of intention and making conscious choices. We understand the importance of getting clear on where we want to direct our energy, resources and time. So why not clarify our reasons for participating in an event designed as specifically for our personal growth as a yoga workshop? 

Knowing what you want to receive from a weekend or even an hour of yoga creates a framework for how you engage with what is offered by a teacher. It allows you to take ownership of your learning and empowers you to use the practice to meet your needs. It also helps you to choose the teachers, the places and the company that can take you where you want to go.