Such a big part of our work as yoga teachers and dedicated students is about continuing.

Continuing to practice, continuing to evolve, continuing to offer from a place of authenticity and love.

It takes dedication, support and yes, at times, encouragement to renew our enthusiasm for yoga and remain enthralled by our practice.

I created the Skilful Yogi Mentoring Program to support teachers to continue along the ever-unfolding path of their own studentship.

As our Fall session wraps up, its clear that this program is succeeding at providing a framework (content + community + resources) for committed teachers to make real shifts their experience of yoga and in their teaching:

"These last few months spent with the mentorship program have been an incredibly enlightening and uplifting experience for me."

 "Your insights, the exercises and the experiences and insights of all who shared in this session, felt like I jumped out of a kiddie pool and dove into an ocean of wealth, beauty and promise."

" I couldn’t imagine that I would benefit so much from an online course, even if it was with my beloved teacher! I have felt a big shift happening this fall … Feeling very grateful for this, Barrie - thank you!"

"This mentoring program has infused my sadhana, and dharma as a yoga teacher with new commitment and unwavering determination to my self-growth… It has helped me solidify the intention to continue developing as a yoga teacher. Thank you!"

Read more about why I created this program herehere and here.

Our Winter 2016 program begins in February with local practice groups in Halifax and St. John’s, New Foundland. For all the teachers out there who know it’s time to renew your resolve for yoga and take your practice and understanding to the next level, I hope you’ll consider joining us.