November Bookmarkasana: Links Worth Sharing

Yoga practice gives us the space needed to remember the blessings in our lives, to recognize and appreciate our good fortune. Out of the inner experience of gratitude, there is a natural impulse to offer back, to share our positivity and fullness with others. If this rings true for you, here are some worthwhile ways I’ve found to spread the love:

  • Download and print this wonderful and inspiring Thanksgiving Reader offered by Seth Godin. It’s a gift and full of wisdom that will plant seeds of gratitude and inspiration at your home.

Here are a few wonderful organizations that I know work with integrity to improve lives and uplift those in need, each sharing the spirit of yoga in their own way:

  • World Spine Care is a global charity on a mission to improve lives in under-served communities through sustainable, integrated, evidence based, spine care. With clinics in Botswana, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic and India, they aim to create a world in which everyone has access to the highest quality spine care possible.
  • The PRASAD Project, a philanthropic expression of the Siddha Yoga mission, helps people to achieve lives of self-reliance and dignity by offering programs of health, education and sustainable community development in India, dental care in the United States and eye care in Mexico. The goal of each PRASAD initiative is to help people to help themselves, their community and their environment.
  • Started by my friend Jane Best, God's Love We Deliver has been providing nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves for more than 25 years. 
  • The Call & Response Foundation is devoted to serving and expanding the mantra music community. Their mission is to share the experience of chanting with one million people by 2020. One way they are reaching their goals is by facilitating events to benefit varied populations including incarcerated individuals, veterans as well as those in recovery.