The Yoga of Dissolving

As yogis we constantly seek to harmonize our individual selves with the greater energies of life. In doing so, we avail ourselves to the intelligence inherent in nature.

Autumn is nature’s exhale. She releases, lets go and disbands as the fullness of spring and summer dissolves into the quietude of winter.

We might often think of our yoga as something we do, an act of creating poses, energy, actions, forms. What if we were to approach it as a process of undoing?

See your practice from the perspective of dissolution. Like a tree shedding its leaves, in yoga we enter into a gradual process of stripping away all but what is most essential. This begins with releasing physical tightness and bound-up energy in the form of tension and stress. Ultimately, hopefully, we also let go some of what holds us separate and chip away at the limited notions of ourselves.

In dissolving our smallness and stuck-ness there is space for a more expanded sense of our self to emerge. Naturally, the vision of oneness, our fundamental interconnectedness with each other and the world around us takes hold once again.