Welcome to the Skilful Yogi

Welcome to the Skilful Yogi.

This is not a yoga lifestyle blog.

I won’t be sharing a recipe for ginger and chai spiced bundt cake, encouraging you to make smoothies with your children or exploring how yoga can help you manifest your soul mate.

This is a blog intended to open the space of inquiry into the practice of alignment-based yoga and wisdom tradition that informs it.

It is for students of yoga, teachers of yoga and most especially those of us who consider ourselves both in equal measure. It is intended to support students who embrace the continual refining of our skills and understanding as an integral part of what it means to practice yoga.

I’ll offer perspectives on yoga practice, study and teaching based on my own experience and understanding. With that, I hope to enrich your ongoing engagement with the subject.

As a fellow traveller on this luminous path of skillful action, may our connection here spark transformative insight, enthusiasm for practice and curiosity for learning and discovery.