The Story of the Wall and the Middle

THE WALL = safety, security, stability, borders, support, resistance, feedback

MIDDLE OF THE ROOM = Freedom, open, no limits, extension, expansion

Observing how the body and mind respond to freedom and limits in asana practice - in which poses, on which days, in which moods and at what times - is an opportunity for self-investigation.

When do you want (or resist) support and stability?

When is it useful (or challenging) to extend into unbounded space?

When do you benefit from a clearly-defined boundary to move into or away from?

In which poses do you crave freedom?

One person might be able to balance in Handstand when she is close to a wall, or even better near the corner of the room. Others can balance only in the centre of a large, empty room.

How you respond to working within defined limits or the delight you take in moving into unbounded space can be an interesting inquiry into your relationship to both.